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Welcome to Teambuilding Galore

We are Teambuilding Galore – a leading events company with a core focus on the co-ordination of business team building events throughout the province of Gauteng and surrounds.

At Teambuilding Galore our key goal is to offer high quality teambuilding events at an unbeatable price – ensuring you and your team get the best ‘bang for your buck’. As professional teambuilding experts all our events are mobile, we bring the event to you, no matter your location or venue. Additionally, we also provide mobile venue set-ups – all you have to do is arrive with an eager team, ready to fully enjoy the day!

Teambuilding Galore understands the complexities of a working environment and the many different personalities contained within a team. We therefore strive to offer teambuilding events that will enhance both your team’s working skill and relationship with a variety of teambuilding activities to bring colleagues closer, with a better understanding of one another.

What to consider

As an employer or leader of a team that faces great amounts of pressure in the work place, some of these questions are important to consider:

  • Do your team members need to get to know each other?
  • Do some of your team members focus solely on their own success, rather than that of the team itself?
  • Is poor communication slowing your team’s progress
  • Do your team members need a boost in morale?
  • Are some of your team members resistant to change?

If any of the above questions were valid or applicable to your work team – Teambuilding Galore is on-hand to offer the ideal solution!

Focus Areas

At Teambuilding Galore we take the time to get to know your team members throughout our events and will focus on recommended areas of ‘weakness’ as highlighted by team leaders, with the end goal of bringing your team together to perform at its utmost best. Very often one of the best ways to truly understand an individual team member is through interactive teambuilding – helping team members to learn more about one another on a personal level that will be remembered, enabling them to understand each other better and communicate appropriately.

Our team of experts are dedicated to bringing team members together in a safe and comfortable environment, always taking into consideration the many different personalities of each team. To this end, we offer an assortment of teambuilding activities to suit all team members from all walks of life, such as:

  • Teambuilding ice breaker challenges
  • Teambuilding workshops
  • Teambuilding development activities
  • Interactive games
  • Interactive brainstorming
  • Physical / outdoor challenges

Teambuilding Galore understands how imperative it is to work in a team that is both happy and that can communicate effectively. Low morale and bad communication can lead to working with a team of demotivated employees, ultimately hampering business progress. Keep your thumb on the pulse of a happy business with our teambuilding events – a happy team is your key to success!

Get in touch with Teambuilding Galore for your next corporate team building event on teambuildinggalore@gmail.com or 076 548 1030.

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